Regulations for on-line ticket sales


E-PODROZNIK BILETY system, hereinafter referred to as the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY


All terms used herein with respect to E-PODROZNIK BILETY system shall apply to on-line ticket sale.


1. A prerequisite for using E-PODROZNIK BILETY system shall be:

                          1. approving these regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY that at the same time constitute a statement of will and create legal obligations between the User and INVESTORS.PL s.c., and

2. meeting the following technical criteria:

1. access to Internet network,

2. installed in the system Internet Explorer 7.0 (or later) or Firefox 2.0 (or later) browser or a compatible browser,

3. enabling JavaScript language support in the browser,

4. connecting the system to an operating printer that prints A4 documents vertically with resolution of at least 300 dpi or if tickets for a given route are sold in the form of a text message, providing mobile phone number to which the ticket in the form of a text message shall be sent.

2. If the User does not fully accept the presented criteria and/or does not fulfil technical requirements their further use of the system is impossible.


Section 1

General provisions

§1. Scope of use


1. The Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY shall apply to purchase of tickets and bookings of seats for the transport carried out by carriers who signed an agreement with INVENTORS.PL s.c. with respect to organization of ticket sales via Teleinformatic channels, including via the Internet. Moreover the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY shall apply solely to the rides designated by the carries as covered with on-line ticket sales. In the case of Voyager carrier the rides for which ticket sales was designated are long-distance carriages on the routes: Gorlice –Tarnów – Kraków, Tarnów - Kraków, Gorlice – Nowy Sącz – Kraków, Nowy Sącz – Kraków, Krynica Zdrój – Kołobrzeg, Wysowa Zdrój – Kraków, Gorlice – Zakopane.


The Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY specify:

1. the conditions for using E-PODROZNIK BILETY;

2. principles:

1. booking the fare and the seat,

2.conclusion of carriage contract,

3. amending the carriage contract,

4. withdrawal from the carriage contract,

5. reimbursement for the non-used online tickets and submission as well as examination of the requests,

6. VAT invoices issue;

7. rights and obligations of the Payer, Traveler, INVESTORS.PL S.C. and the Carrier


2. The terms used in the Regulations for EPODROZNIK BILETY shall mean:

1. INVENTORS.PL S.C.– INVENTORS.PL Andrzej Soroczyński Jakub Stuglik Tomasz Hajnos Dariusz Filek Spółka Cywilna (partnership), having its registered office in Oświęcim, ul. Klucznikowska 3, Business statistical number (REGON) 120390028, taxpayer's identification number (NIP) 549-229-55-34, acting as the operator of on-line ticket sales for carriers;

2. Carrier - a shipping company whose on-line tickets sales via teleinformatic channels is served by INVENTORS.PL S.C. In this case the carrier shall by Voyager.

3. On-line ticket sales system (E-PODROZNIK BILETY system) - system enabling a registered user or a person who prior to purchasing the ticket provides required personal data, hereinafter the Payer, to enter via the Internet into a carriage contract to their benefit or for a third party, hereinafter referred to as the Traveler;

4. Payer - person who makes on-line payment;

5. on-line payment - payment of due amounts with:

1. personal payment card or payment card of a company for which the carriage contract is concluded (except for anonymous corporate cards), or

2. on-line web bank transfer, or

3. different form of payment supported by E-PODROZNIK BILETY system. Supported formats of cards and on-line transfers are listed on the website;

6. carriage contract – contract concluded with the Carrier, i.e. Voyager company, for transport of persons;

7. Traveller - a person for which online ticket was purchased and whose data and ID card number were placed by the Payer on the ticket.

8. on-line ticket - a personal registered document confirming conclusion of the contract for carriage constituting a combination of one-way ticket for the carriage along with seat booking printed by the Payer on their own or received in the form of a text message upon payment; The ticket entitles to take the seat, however the seat that should be taken shall be designated by the driver.

3. Rates-related provisions regarding transport of persons and ticket prices shall be stipulated by the Carriers.


§2. Principles for using E-PODROZNIK BILETY system


1. The Payer who intends to use E-PODROZNIK BILETY system for the first time has to:

1. register in the system by setting and entering in the registration form:

1. login and access password,

2. personal data,  i.e.:

  • first and last names and specific address with zip code,
  • e-mail address,
  • type of identity card and its number,
  • in the case of collecting VAT invoice for a company - also the name and address of the company with NIP number,
  • in the case of ticket delivery in the form of a text message - mobile phone number to which the ticket is to be delivered,
  • mobile phone number to enable contact in case of emergency or random events for example, bus breakdown and/or in the case of ticket delivery in the form or a text message

or each time before purchase of the ticket provide required personal details.

3. accept the Regulations for EPODROZNIK BILETY system.

2. For the purposes of on-line ticket sales the Payer should also each time log into the system by providing a login and access password or provide required personal data.


Section 2

Trade terms and conditions

§3. Booking the fare and the seat


1. In EPODROZNIK BILETY system by using the website it is possible to purchase the ticket for carriage along the routes listed in section 1 §1 sec. 1., everyday, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The exception to this rule are periods when maintenance works are carried out in the web service. The period within which it is possible to book a ticket for a given route shall be set forth by the Carrier. In the case of Voyager Carrier this period is 30 days.

2. Ticket and seat booking consists in specifying, among others:

1. the route (departure stop, arrival stop),

2. departure date

3. departure time

and then specifying:

4. the number of persons according to the normal tariff and/or entitled to a discount ("number of persons according to discounted tariff"),

5. first and last names and number of Traveller's identity card, etc.


§4. Conclusion of carriage contract


1. Contract for carriage shall be concluded by making on-line payment (following payment confirmation from the bank) and providing by INVESTORS.PL S.C. - via E-PODROZNIK BILETY system – an on-line ticket to be printed by the user or on-line ticket delivered in the form of a text message.

2. On-line payments may be made by the Payer.

3. The fact of providing to the Payer access to the personal registered on-line ticket for self-printing in A4 format vertically or receipt by the Payer to the provided number of the ticket in the form of a text message shall serve as confirmation of carriage contract conclusion. The Payer shall be liable for legibility of printed ticket or keeping the text message with the ticket on their cell phone.

4. The self-printed on-line ticket or ticket delivered in the form of a text message has to contain the following data:

1. first and last names and number of Traveller's identity card.

2. data confirming the payment (such as transaction no.);

3. ticket verification code;

4. data referred to in §3 item 2

5. Traveller's identity card number provided by the Payer.

5. The data referred to in sec. 4 are subject to verification and need correspond to the ones held by the inspector.


§5. Amending the carriage contract


1. The data provided by the Payer by on-line ticket purchase shall may be changed only by the employees of INVENTORS.PL S.C. responsible for examining changed in data related to a given carriage contract.

2. Only erroneously entered data, i.e. misspelled first and last names of the Travellers, errors in the numbers of Travellers' identity cards, etc. may be changed.

3. The Payer expresses their will to have their data changed by filling out a relevant form available after logging into their account in E-PODROZNIK BILETY system.


§6. Withdrawal from the carriage contract


1. Principles for withdrawing from the carriage contract concluded with E-PODROZNIK BILETY system shall be specified by the carrier, however the Payer may withdraw from carriage contract before closing the booking list for a given trip. In the case of Voyager carrier the booking list is closed 15 minutes before bus departure.

2. The will to withdraw from the contract shall be expressed by the Payer by logging onto their account in E-PODROZNIK BILETY system and filling out relevant form.  Terms and conditions under which the Payer may withdraw from the contract shall be presented to the Payer each time before withdrawing from the contract.

3. Reimbursement for the receivables in the amount as specified by the carrier shall be conducted by INVESTORS.PL S.C. reimbursement office. The reimbursed amount specified by Voyager carrier shall be 90%.

4. Payer shall receive reimbursement within 14 working days as of the moment of submission of the request for withdrawal from the contract, referred to in item 2.

5. Due amounts shall be refunded to the account from which the payment was made and in the case of change in the account to the number of new bank account provided by the Payer.

6. In the cases not provided for in §6, if the Payer is entitled to reimbursement of due amounts under universally applicable law, then the Payer may seek reimbursement for the due amounts. Reimbursement of the due amount described herein shall be conducted by INVESTORS.PL S.C. reimbursement office.


§7. VAT invoices issue


1. On-line ticket is not a VAT ticket.

2. INVENTORS.PL S.C. shall issue VAT invoice:

1. in every case of on-line ticket purchase for a company whose data are provided by the Payer during registration in E-PODROZNIK BILETY system:

2. in the case of purchasing on-line ticket by the Payer who is a natural person, following:

1. selecting the box "Proszę o wystawienie faktury VAT" ("I want to receive VAT invoice")

3. Data required for VAT invoice issue shall be derived automatically from the form filled out by the Payer upon registration in E-PODROZNIK BILETY system;

4. VAT invoices shall be sent via e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the Payer upon ticket purchase (the same e-mail address to which the ticket is sent). In compliance with section 4 item 12 of the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 27.04.2004 issued invoice shall be valid without signatures of the recipient and issuer. Archiving procedures require the sent VAT invoice to be printed. VAT invoice may not be delivered when the ticket is provided in the form of a text message.


Section 3

Rights and obligations of the parties

§8. Rights and obligations of the Payer


1. The Payer shall have the right to:

1. view their personal data and have them updated;

2. submit requests by proper completion of forms available upon logging into E-PODROZNIK BILETY system;

3. view the concluded contracts for transport of persons via E-PODROZNIK BILETY system;

2. The Payer shall be obligated to:

1. provide by registration in E-PODROZNIK BILETY system their or company's true data;

2. accept the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY system and in the case of purchase of the ticket for a Traveller other than the Payer:

1. provide in the course of ticket and seat booking: first and last name as well as number of identity card of the Traveller,

2. familiarize the Traveller (other than the Payer) with the provisions of the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY system;

3. use the E-PODROZNIK BILETY system in compliance with the law and regulations hereof;

4. print in a legible manner on A4 format paper - vertically - the on-line ticket and keep it for inspection or keep for inspection the ticket delivered in the form of a text message;

5. not to transfer the rights stemming from conclusion of the contract onto third parties except for Traveller's right to hold the ticket if their data were printed thereon;

3. The Traveller shall be obligated to hand over to the persons inspecting transport documents:

1. valid, legibly printed or saved as a text message on-line ticket meeting the criteria set in §4 sec. 4;

2. identity card whose number was included on the on-line ticket;

3. valid document certifying entitlement to a discount - in the case of using a discounted ticket.

4. In the case of failure to meet the requirements set forth in sec. 3, the Traveller shall be treated as a person travelling without a valid fare.

5. By accepting the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY system the Payer represents that:

1. all and any information provided by them while using the E-PODROZNIK BILETY system - including full name and number of identity card of the Traveller - are true and consistent with their best knowledge;

2. they have familiarized the Traveller, for whom they purchased the on-line ticket, with the provisions of the Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY system;

3. is capable of entering into the contract in compliance with the provisions of the Civil Code


§9. Complaint investigation office and the hotline are supported by INVESTORS.PL S.C.


1. INVENTORS.PL S.C. runs the office for accepting and investigating complaints related to E-PODROZNIK BILETY system

2. In order to submit a complaint the Payer shall be obligated to submit it via e-mail to

3. Complaint investigation office examines complaints within 3 working days as of submission thereof by the Payer.

4. Complaint investigation office responds to the Payer via e-mail to the address from which the Payer submitted the complaint.

5. INVENTORS.PL runs a hotline for Payers and prospecting Payers with relation to E-PODROZNIK BILETY system at the number: (12) 399 44 10. The hotline is available every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.


§10. Rights and obligations of INVENTORS.PL S.C. and the carrier performing the transport


1. INVENTORS.PL S.C. shall have the right to withdraw from the carriage contract concluded with use of E-PODROZNIK BILETY system on behalf of the carrier in the case of violation by the Payer or Traveller of these Regulations for E-PODROZNIK BILETY system.

2. With respect to the carriage contract concluded via E-PODROZNIK BILETY system INVESTORS.PL S.C. shall be obligated to:

1. incur the costs of transactions conducted with on-line payment methods, i.e.:

1. accept payments for on-line ticket,

2. refund amounts due for unused on-line ticket based on the principles set forth in §6;

2. submit to the Payer - via e-mail - VAT invoice confirming purchase of on-line ticket and adjustment invoice, in the case of refunding amount due for unused on-line ticket, for which VAT invoice was issued;

3. consider requests submitted by the Payer.

3. With respect to the carriage contract concluded via E-PODROZNIK BILETY system the Carrier shall be obligated to:

1. carry out transport in compliance with concluded contract;

4. INVENTORS.PL S.C. processes personal details of the Users of E-PODROZNIK BILETY system under art. 23 sec.1 item 3 of the act of August 29th, 1977 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended) for the purposes related to on-line sales of tickets.

5. The database with Personal data of the Users of the E-PODROZNIK BILETY system was registered in the national, open register of personal data sets kept by the General Inspector for Personal data protection (registration book number 87115)


§11. Final provisions


1. All matters not provided for herein shall be governed by the provisions of the Civil Code, Transport Act of November 15th, 1984 (Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 50, item 601 as amended) and the Regulations for transport of persons, objects and animals of specific Carriers.