We offer three types of communication: regular, express and fast.

        Fast communication applies to the route: Krynica Zdrój - Kołobrzeg.

        Express communication applies to the routes:

Kraków - Tarnów - Gorlice, Kraków - Tarnów,  Kraków - Nowy Sacz - Gorlice, Kraków - Nowy Sącz, Kraków - Wysowa Zdrój,  Gorlice - Zakopane, Nowy Sącz - Zakopane,  Biecz - Nowy Sącz, Gorlice - Krynica Zdrój (15.05).

        Regular communication applies on the routes:

Krynica Zdrój - Grybów - Nowy Sącz, Gorlice - Nowy Sącz, Gorlice - Wysowa, Gorlice - Konieczna, Grybów - Stawisza.

We use statutory as well as commercial discounts.

     In order to check relevant statutory discount please assign it in the following table to adequate type of communication, i.e. find the communication type in the last two columns (regular or express).

Statutory discounts

Commercial discounts